Group Menu

Special Group and Event Menus

Choose from our wide variety of menus for groups. We have options adapted to all budgets. Remember that the prices shown are per person.

You can find 4 types of “Ready to Order” menus ordered by price. We have created these menu options for groups of people to avoid you the hassle to decide what to order (we all have experienced havind dinner with a group of +10 people… and it take ages to place the order)


Do you know where we are? Plaza de las Flores 1, 29005 (Málaga)

Do you have any doubt? Call us +34 95 222 81 03

SALE: -20% OFF in any Flamenco Show

If you are coming with your group of friends and buy any of our Group Menus, you will be able to buy a ticket for any Flamenco Show with a 20% Discount.

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