Flamenco Show

From Monday to Saturday. Two Daily Shows

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The list of scheduled artists may vary for reasons unrelated to El Gallo Ronco.

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Flamenco Show in Malaga

At Gallo Ronco you can enjoy two daily shows of pure flamenco from Monday to Saturday. The first show is at 7:00 pm and the second is at 9:00 pm. We are located just a few meters from Calle Larios in the city of Malaga, making our location privileged for enjoying this type of cultural event.

With each ticket, you can not only enjoy a flamenco performance that will leave you breathless but also accompany this experience with an appetizer or a selection of Iberian cured meats (depending on the type of ticket purchased).

We have tickets for all ages, with the tickets for children under 14 being the most affordable, and of course, they include a drink and an appetizer per ticket.

In this section, you can see the regular schedule of our most recent flamenco shows. You can also find special events marked with a white background here.

IMPORTANT! Remember that you can book your flamenco show together with a dinner table at our restaurant. Is there a better way to immerse yourself in Andalusian culture?

Things to consider in our shows

    -Buy your tickets in advance: It is recommended that you purchase your tickets well in advance to ensure you have a good seat in the show and avoid last-minute rushes.
    -Arrive on time: It is important to arrive on time to the event location to park, find your seat and get situated. This way, you will avoid delays and last-minute stress.
    -Turn off your phone: To not distract other attendees, it is important to turn off your phone or put it on silent mode during the show.
    -Respect the show’s schedule: It is important to arrive on time to the event and to respect its schedule. If you need to leave early, try to do so discreetly.
    -Follow the event staff’s instructions: In case of an emergency or if you need help, it is important to follow the event staff’s instructions and collaborate at all times to ensure the safety of all attendees.

Your opinion matters to us

Your opinion is important to us and makes us strive to offer you a unique flamenco experience. That is why we would appreciate it if you leave us a comment on the following link after your visit. Thank you very much.