Flamenco Restaurant

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Andalusia has its own rich gastronomy, very varied and recognized throughout the world. At Gallo Ronco restaurants you will find a range of dishes and tapas based on local products. There is no difference in our offer between locations so you can choose the location that suits you best and enjoy the true Andalusian cuisine.

Some of our dishes

All our dishes are prepared with 100% respect for their Andalusian tradition, using local and seasonal products, thus promoting support for small producers while giving our customers the opportunity to taste true Andalusian cuisine.

Group´s Events

At El Gallo Ronco Flamenco Restaurant you can book a table for large groups. We have several menu options at your disposal so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

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At El Gallo Ronco Flamenco Restaurant you can book a table for large groups. We have several menu options at your disposal so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Tasting the Andalusian Culture

El Gallo Ronco´s group was born 30 years ago as a project with two main purposes: be a solid representation of Andalusian cuisine and being one of the main locations where enjoying the Flamenco culture.

The Copper pots hanging from a vaulted ceiling remind us of a cave house, a collection of flamenco photos on a whitewashed tirolean mortared wall and a good dose of wood, lanterns and typical Andalusian elements make up the character of our chain of restaurants.

At El Gallo Ronco Flamenco Restaurant all your senses will be immersed in Andalusian culture, combining its gastronomy with an extensive and regular program of shows in our tablao. The environment has been designed in detail, with a large terrace to host artistic events a few meters from Calle Larios; in addition to carrying out interactive activities (tastings, classes, events…) in all our locations.

Our Restaurants

Plaza de las Flores 1, 29005 – Málaga

Arquitecto Blanco Soler 3, 29005 – Málaga

Arquitecto Blanco Soler 6, 29005 – Málaga

Calle Álamos 1, 29012 – Málaga

From 8am to 1am uninterrupted.

Frequent Asked Questions

Every day from 8am to 1am

Spanish cuisine, with a large number of dishes from the traditional Andalusian recipe book, dishes and products from Malaga, groceries and Iberian cuts, grill, frying and griddle dishes.

Yes, the kid´s menu include croquettes, southern-fried chicken sticks and chips

Yes, you are really welcome to come to our restaurants with your group of friends, work colleages or your entire family if you like. Thanks to our extraoudinary location and our big dinning areas we are specialist in booking for groups of people. These bookings are availabe not only for the restaurants, you can book flamenco tickets for big group of people too. In these cases we recommend you to take a look to our “Ready to order Menus” for groups. These menus have been designed for you in order to improve your experience in our restaurant so you do not spend to much time deciding what to order, we know that when there are a lot of people deciding about ordering food the situation can take a long time to be done. Please check our “Ready to Order Menus” from the link below:

We have four main ways to book a table in our restaurant:

  • Clicking HERE
  • Send us an email to reservas@elgalloronco.com ; with your name, the number of people to book the table for, the day and hour you want to come to our restaurant and a phone number to contact you.
  • Call us-> +34 9522285103
  • You can use our form to book a table, just fill the form and include the same information we asked you to include in the email.

Yes. We have to apologize about the process for purchase a flamenco ticket + booking a table as you have to do it separately if you are doing it from our website. We are working on a system that provides you the opportunity to book a table and purchase a flamenco ticket simultaneously. In order to purchase both experiencies (gastronomy + food) we recommend us to make us a call (+34 9522285103) or send us an email with your request (the day you want to book the table and purchase the flamenco ticket and your phone number in order to contact you). You can also use our online form

Andalusia and its Gastronomy at 100%

In the magical rhythm of the El Gallo Ronco Flamenco Tablao, you will not only find the passion of live flamenco, but also the opportunity to delight in authentic Andalusian cuisine, divided into two exquisite sections.

In our cutting edge deli, we specialize in offering the finest cheeses and Iberian products from our land. Each bite is a journey of flavors that transports your senses to the very essence of our culinary culture.

And for those seeking a shared experience, at “Share with Art” you will find a selection of typical Andalusian dishes, carefully chosen and complemented with daily suggestions or special dishes that are presented for a limited time. Each dish is a masterpiece that combines tradition and creativity, prepared with care to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Exquisite Places for an Exquisite Experience

The El Gallo Ronco Flamenco Restaurant is located in different locations, and in all of them, you can enjoy the same gastronomic quality that sets us apart.

On Calle Álamos, just a 2-minute walk from the Cervantes Theater and 5 minutes from the Picasso Museum, you will find a haven of flavors in the heart of Málaga. If you arrive by car, don’t worry, as there are several parking lots in the area for your convenience.

Plaza de las Flores, a few seconds away from the famous Larios Street, offers us a privileged location. Surrounded by the best hotels in the area, you can immerse yourself in a unique gastronomic feast. In addition, numerous public transportation stops will allow you to do without a car and enjoy without worries.

We have inaugurated our second restaurant on Calle Arquitecto Blanco Soler, right in Plaza de las Flores. Here, you will find the most special corner of Málaga to savor the best Andalusian gastronomy and, of course, delight in the best flamenco show.

To complement your experience, we have an extensive wine list that you can pair with each dish, enhancing the flavors and creating a symphony on your palate. Each sip is a dance of sensations that merges with the essence of our dishes.

Our menu is proudly composed of 100% Andalusian dishes, each one representing the culinary heritage that enriches us. Each dish is an invitation to enjoy authentic Andalusian cuisine.

At El Gallo Ronco Flamenco Restaurant, we invite you to live a unique experience, where art and flavor intertwine in a symphony of emotions. Discover the soul of Andalusia through dance and music.