Carmen Moreno

Carmen Moreno El Gallo Ronco 3

NAME: Carmen Moreno


Carmen Moreno was born on December 4th, 1989 in Almería, and from an early age she demonstrated her passion for dance and singing, focusing on regional and folkloric dances. Her training in flamenco dance began at the “María la Rabota” school and continued at the “Quina Jiménez” conservatory, where she completed her professional career at the “Ángel Pericet” superior conservatory in Málaga in 2014.

During her training, Carmen performed at tablaos and peñas, which allowed her to balance her higher education with the stage. As a bailaora, Carmen has worked in various Spanish provinces such as Almería, Granada, Málaga, Sevilla, and Madrid, performing on stages such as El Morato, La Guajira, Entre flamencos, Jardines del Soraya, Los Olvidados, Juan Breva, Los Mayas, Torre Bermejas, and Café de Chinitas.

In 2019, she premiered her first show “atrACCiones” alongside bailaoras Alba Fajardo and Carmela Riqueni, and that same year she made her debut in South America, performing in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil. Also, she has participated in festivals in her homeland such as “Placeando”, “Tres a compás”, and the first “Entreflamencas” festival, dedicated to women, organized by the sociocultural association “Entreflamencos”.

In 2022, Carmen premiered her show “Cara B” at the Maestro Padilla theater in Almería, where she plays the role of lead bailaora. This show, directed and choreographed by Eduardo Leal, showcases her ability in flamenco dance. Currently, she is in Sevilla developing her art in the tablaos of the city and has also worked at the Cordoban tablao. As an interpreter in dance with concert guitar, Carmen has collaborated with prestigious guitarist Javier Conde in shows such as “El Flamenco y su vibrante Mundo” and “A mis Maestros”.