Francisco Vinuesa: Master of Flamenco at Gallo Ronco

FRANCISCO MIGUEL VINUESA GAMBERO, known artistically as FRANCISCO VINUESA, is a prominent flamenco guitarist born in Málaga in 1985. From a young age, Vinuesa has demonstrated exceptional talent, becoming a reference in the flamenco world, especially at the prestigious Gallo Ronco tablao in Málaga.

Francisco Vinuesa

Francisco Vinuesa´s Beginnings in Flamenco

At the age of 14, Francisco Vinuesa began his training in flamenco guitar under the guidance of maestro Pedro Blanco. For five years, he honed his technique and learned the intricate accompaniment styles for flamenco singing. His early performances were at flamenco peñas and tablaos in Málaga, where he quickly caught the attention of flamenco aficionados.

Early Achievements and Competitions

At 16, Vinuesa participated in the national competition for young guitarists in Linares and reached the final of the Torre del Cante flamenco guitar competition. These initial achievements marked the beginning of a promising career. He later took a course with the great maestro Gerardo Núñez in Marbella, further solidifying his skill and understanding of flamenco art.

Professional Career and Collaborations

Francisco Vinuesa has worked in various tablaos, including ‘Los Tarantos’ and ‘Ana María’ in Marbella, where he performed alongside prominent dancers such as Trinidad Santiago, Susana Lupiañez, and Miguel Infante. He has also collaborated with groups like “Flamenco Pop,” “Merced,” and composed music for shows presented in the “Málaga Crea” competition.

Performances and Tours

His involvement with the company “Biznaga” led him on a tour across Catalonia, sharing the stage with renowned figures like Chaparro de Málaga and Rocío Molina. He has also performed at the International Tourism Fair in Berlin and toured Spain with Turismo Andaluz.

Recognitions and Media Appearances

Vinuesa has worked at the Carmen Museum in Valencia and collaborated with winners of the “Veo Veo” contest. He has appeared on local television programs in Málaga and has been interviewed on others. Additionally, he has participated in numerous flamenco festivals, notably performing at La Malagueta bullring alongside José Mercé and Arcángel.

Current Activities and Recent Projects

Currently, Francisco Vinuesa remains active in the flamenco scene, accompanying singers and dancers such as Amparo Heredia “La Repompa,” Raquel Heredia, and Sergio Aranda. He continues to learn from masters like Chaparro de Málaga and Paco Javier Jimeno, establishing himself as a key figure in Málaga’s flamenco scene.


Francisco Vinuesa is a flamenco guitarist whose passion and dedication have made him a reference in the world of flamenco. His career and collaborations with renowned artists reflect his skill and love for this art form. Discover more about Francisco Vinuesa and his influence at Gallo Ronco in Málaga, a place of great significance for flamenco enthusiasts.