Irene Lozano “La Chiqui

Irene Lozano Ruiz, born in Málaga in 1985, is an internationally recognized flamenco dancer. From an early age, her passion for dance led her to immerse herself in the world of flamenco and Spanish dance. She began her training as a flamenco dancer at the age of 4 and started her career as a dancer at 11. Her time at the Conservatorio Superior de Málaga and the Ateneo de Música y Danza de Málaga, where she studied for 5 years, was fundamental. There, Irene first encountered Spanish dance and flamenco, developing a strong connection with the latter. Fascinated by both dance styles, she decided to complete comprehensive training in different styles, including ballet, flamenco, escuela bolera, and regional dance.

Professional Career

Education and Early Career

Her career has been marked by her participation in renowned Spanish companies such as those of Eva Yerbabuena, Javier Latorre, Rafael Estévez, Nani Paños, and Rubén Olmo. During her formative years, Irene was also part of the school of Susana Lupiañez (La Lupi), where she had her first performances and began to professionally understand the world of dance. In 2009, Irene completed her training focused on choreography and flamenco. Since then, she has continued to perfect her art by studying with great dance personalities such as Javier Latorre, Eva Yerbabuena, Rafael Campallo, Aida Gómez, Mercedes Ruiz, among others.

Irene Lozano

Awards and Recognitions

Irene Lozano’s career has also been accompanied by awards, including the prestigious Desplante prize at the Festival de la Unión 2022, where she was considered the best flamenco dancer.

Highlighted Professional Experience

Irene Lozano’s professional experience has been varied and enriching. Here are some of her most notable works:

  • “Las mujeres que habitan en mí” at the Flamenco Fest in Miami and the Bienal de Málaga 2023.
  • “Recital Flamenco” with David Carpio and Francisco Vinuesa at the Flamenco Festival in the United States, Miami 2022.
  • “La Muerte de un Minotauro” with the Rubén Olmo company.
  • “Cálalo”, a creation of her own with Javier Latorre and Antonio Canales, presented in Zurich, the Bienal de Málaga, and the Veranos del Corral in Granada.
  • “A este chino no le canto” with the Javier Latorre company, produced by Shoji Kojima.
  • “Cambios de aires”, “Planta y Tacón”, and “Con otros Ojos”, her own creations in Zurich.
  • “Lluvia” and “Santo y Seña” with the Eva Yerbabuena company.
  • “El duende y el Reloj” with the Javier Latorre company.
  • “Dos por medio Ópera, Café y Puro” with the Rafael Estévez and Nani Paños company.
  • “Cuatro poetas en Guerra” with the Javier Latorre company, produced by Shoji Kojima.
  • Ceremony for the “50th Anniversary of the Flamenco Festival of Córdoba” with the Javier Latorre company.

Irene Lozano “La Chiqui” at the Tablao El Gallo Ronco

Irene Lozano, known as “La Chiqui”, is a flamenco dancer whose talent and dedication have made her a key figure at the tablao El Gallo Ronco in Málaga. Her commitment to flamenco art and her ability to convey emotions through her dance have established her as one of the most outstanding flamenco artists of her generation. Discover more about her incredible career and enjoy her performances at El Gallo Ronco!