Teresa Barbero

Teresa Barbero: Career and Training

Teresa Barbero began her studies at the Reina Sofía Professional Dance Conservatory in Granada, specializing in Flamenco. In 2018, she completed her studies and later enrolled in the Superior Dance Conservatory “María de Ávila” (Madrid) specializing in pedagogy. Currently, Teresa is studying choreography and interpretation of Flamenco at the Superior Dance Conservatory “Ángel Pericet” (Málaga).

Early Steps in Flamenco

During 2017 and 2018, Teresa participated in various productions of the FEX (Festival of Music and Dance of Granada) such as “Trazos,” “Tierra de Andanzas,” “La muerte del deseo,” “Ayres,” and “Más tiempo que vida,” directed by renowned flamenco artists such as Antonio Canales, Rubén Olmo, Concha Jareño, Nani Paños, and Eva “La Yerbabuena.”

Teresa Barbero’s Career Achievements

In 2019, Teresa Barbero joined Irene Morales’ company in the show “ÁNIMA,” premiered at the Palacio de Congresos in Granada. In 2020, she premiered her first solo show “Primigenia” at the Casa de la Cultura in Almuñécar, and later at “La Chumbera” (Granada) and Parque El Majuelo (Almuñécar).

Recent Projects and Current Work

Teresa Barbero is part of the artistic cast of the Christina Pagés Company, participating in productions such as “La jugada del sacrificio,” awarded the Málaga Crea 2020 prize, and “Bellatrices.” She also collaborates in the show “Corazón de Granada” with guitarist Pablo Giménez during his tour in SANT MORITZ (Switzerland).

In 2021, Teresa became a member and solo dancer of Agustín Barajas’ company in his show “Tierra de Lorca,” touring Spain and Paris (France).

Teresa Barbero

Innovation and Passion in Flamenco

In 2022, she premiered her project “Arte Abierto,” a series of shows in urban spaces. This project includes five pieces with different artists: “Recreo” with Yolanda Osuna and Alberto Raya, “Teoría del Apego” with Christina Pagés and Rubén Lara, “El Vacío que Ocupa” with Alba Fajardo and Alberto Raya, “Ver-Dial” with Borja Cortés and Eduardo López, and “D.Construir” with Agustín Barajas and Alberto Raya.

Teresa Barbero in Flamenco Tablaos

Currently, Teresa Barbero performs in numerous renowned tablaos, such as “Jardines de Zoraya” (Granada), Tablao Flamenco “Albaycin” (Granada), Tablao “Los Amaya” (Málaga), Tablao Flamenco “La Pacheca” (Madrid), Venta el Gallo (Granada), Tablao “La Alboreá” (Granada), El Templo del Flamenco (Granada), Tablao La Solea (Granada), Los Tarantos (Granada), Peña La Platería (Granada), and Peña Niño-Vélez (Málaga), among others.

Learn more about Teresa Barbero, a key dancer at the El Gallo Ronco tablao in Málaga, and discover her passion and dedication to flamenco, an art form that continues to captivate audiences around the world. Teresa Barbero, with her talent and career, is an essential figure in the current flamenco scene.

Teresa Barbero Bailaora Flamenco