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If you want to be aware of the off-menu dishes that we offer in any of our restaurants, you can’t miss this section. Keep in mind that our off-menu dishes will be available for a limited time, so we recommend that you check this section periodically so that you don’t miss any.

Gamba Cristal, sobre cama de ensaladilla de pimientos y dos huevos rotos. Tapera en el centro de Málaga.
Off the Menu
Fran Salas

#1 Off the Menu: Crystal Shrimp on a bed of roasted pepper salad and egg.

From El Gallo Ronco, we are launching our blog with a very special category: “Off-Menu Dishes”.

In this section, we will announce the off-menu dishes that you can enjoy at any of our restaurants. It is important to note that these dishes will only be available for a limited time, so you will have to hurry if you want to try them.

Our first off-menu dish, available starting today, is: Crystal Shrimp on a Bed of Roasted Pepper Salad and Two Eggs.

If you’re wondering where to eat Crystal Shrimp in Malaga, you’ve found the place.

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