Carlos Haro

NAME: Carlos Haro Sánchez

PLACE OF BIRTH: Fuengirola, Málaga

He was born in Fuengirola (Málaga) in 1978. Carlos Haro began to play encouraged by his environment who soon detected his musical qualities, before starting with his first guitar teacher, Francisco Cuenca, among other influences that he recognized in his training in playing as Salvador Valenzuela, Pedro Blanco, Niño Chaparro.

At the age of 12, he made his first tour with the Fuengirola Municipal Dance Group, with which he collaborated for more than ten years, visiting countries such as France, Belgium, Austria, USA, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Morocco, England, Portugal. In 1995, together with some friends, he formed the flamenco group “La Casta Huarochiri”, which is still going on today, and in which he reflects his concerns in the world of music through the guitar.

Accompanying cante, he began in the flamenco club “La Unión del Cante” (Mijas Costa) where he is currently one of the official guitarists of the contest. Later he startaed collaborating in several of the Andalusian club confederations. In 2003, he obtained the second prize of the “Velero Flamenco” in Mijas Costa as a solo guitarrist. He is a guitarist in the Juan Antonio Pérez company with which he has been with since its inception, producing numerous shows together with all its components, highlighting his time at international festivals such as Nucties Carolina in Marseille, Maldives…

Guitarist for several years for the Málaga-born Rosi de Alva with whom he has participated in numerous festivals and lectures such as the one held at the International University of Andalusia, Antonio Machado de Baeza, as speakers on the evolution of dance. In 2006 and 2007 he participated in the “Mont de Marsan Flamenco Festival” together with Antonio Martínez (dance), Susana Lupiañez “La Lupi” (dance), Amparo Heredia “La Repompilla” (singing), Inma “La Carbonera” (singing ).

Member of the Flamenco Company of Susana Lupiañez, he has played at Düsseldorf Flamenco Festival (Germany) and the CIA Classical Music Festival in Monte Argentario and Porto Hercole (Italy). He works in the cycle “Los Jueves de la Caixa” and “Los Jueves de la Crítica” in Málaga accompanying bailaores such as Sergio Aranda, Moisés and Fátima Navarro, and Ana Pastrana. He participates in the XXIV cycle Knowing Flamenco in Cajasol, in Seville, with the group 3 Ecos de Morón y Utrera together with Rafael de Utrera, Carmen Lozano, Daniel Méndez and los Melli.

In June 2008 he toured China and Japan with Turismo Andaluz accompanying Rafael de Utrera (singing), Domingo Patricio (flute) and Carmen Lozano (dancing). In October 2008 he visited Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia with Turiespaña accompanying Rafael de Utrera, Leonor Leal (dance) and Diego Villegas (sax and flute). He is also working as a guitarrist teacher at “Universidad Popular” (Mijas).