Flamenco Artists

El Gallo Ronco is a project which was born way before having the structure we enjoy today. Since more than 30 years, El Gallo Ronco has been linked with Gastronomy and Flamenco.

In the next section we introduce you some of the artists who have been working with us.

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Flamenco El Gallo Ronco, es un proyecto que nació  mucho antes de tener la forma que hoy día disfrutamos. Desde hace más de 30 años y siempre vinculados al proyecto flamenco y hostelero de EL GALLO RONCO hemos aunado con toda nuestra dedicación flamenco y gastronomía en Málaga. 

A continuación mostramos algunos de los artistas que han pasado por el tablao de El Gallo Ronco, algunos/as de forma habitual, otros/as de forma eventual, para ciclos, o conciertos, en definitiva valor y arte sobre nuestra tablas y nuestro proyecto.

The Best Flamenco Artists in Singing, Guitar, and Dance in Málaga


At Tablao Flamenco El Gallo Ronco, where the heart of art beats fervently, renowned and prestigious artists from distant and nearby lands gather. Singers and dancers who defy gravity with their steps, and guitarists who skillfully caress the strings, come together in this sanctuary of duende.

From Wednesday to Sunday, nights are filled with magic and passion at the tablao in the center of Málaga. Two daily shows, at seven o’clock and nine o’clock sharp, set the rhythm for an unforgettable experience. The stage becomes a canvas where stories and emotions intertwine, where each artist leaves their soul imprinted in every note and every movement.

If you wish to delve deeper into the world of these flamenco art virtuosos, you can immerse yourself in the richness of their biographies. By clicking on them, you will discover the paths that have led them to the most prestigious stages, their influences, their legacy, and how they have made an impact in every corner they have stepped on.

At Tablao Flamenco El Gallo Ronco, the soul of flamenco unfolds in all its fullness. It is an intimate encounter with art that transcends borders and connects hearts. Every gesture, every cry, every guitar chord envelops us in a dance of emotions that transports us to the depths of our own essence.

Don’t miss the opportunity to live this unique experience, where passion ignites and music becomes the universal language that unites us all. At Tablao Flamenco El Gallo Ronco, art becomes eternal, and emotions become whispers that endure over time.

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Remember that you can attend live Flamenco shows from Monday to Saturday at Gallo Ronco. Access the schedule from the button below or purchase your ticket directly. We look forward to seeing you.