Delia Membrive

NAME: Delia Membrive García


Delia Membrive was born in 1984. Her professional flamenco career began at the early age of 15, at the Costa del Sol Flamenco Ballet, where she spent a few years also forging her relationship with other professional colleagues in her homeland. At the age of 20 she already had to his credit numerous galas, hotels, private parties and numerous international forays with Turismo Andaluz, China, Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom and a long etc.

In 2004, she began working at the Tablao “Los Tarantos” in Playamar, Torremolinos, where she met the teachers Carrete de Málaga and Trinidad Santiago “La Trini” as well as numerous colleagues for 5 years who are part of the flamenco university of Delia Membrive.

Throughout her career she has worked and collaborated with artists of the level of Antonio Canales, Joaquín “El Grilo”, Hugo López, Javier Latorre with whom she has collaborated on shows and records, in the Paco Peña Company touring all over Europe. She has collaborate in several flamenco albumbs like:

  • Arroyo de la Miel (Juan Requena)
  • Por los Rincones (José Ángel Carmona)
  • Ser de Luz (Sergio de Lope)

Her training has been closely linked to the world of Flamenco Tablaos, having gone through world-class tablaos such as: Tablao El Cordobés, in Barcelona, ​​Tablao El Carmen also in Barcelona, ​​Tablao Villarosa in Madrid, etc. Delia considers herself a cantaora de compás, in love with cante for dance, due to the challenge and demand that she harbors in each performance, a discipline that gives her an adrenaline rush and unique continuous learning.

AWARDS: 2nd – Prize of the Peña El Piyayo” 3rd – “Torre del Cante” Prize Special prize for malagueña at Peña La Rempompa”