Fátima Navarro

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NAME: Fátima Navarro


Fátima Navarro was born in Málaga. She is daughter of Francisco Navarro “El Charro”, a great dance. At only 8 years old she was awarded with the first prize in the “Veo Veo” show in the spanish television. She began her career working with different artists such as Guadiana , Monse Cortés, Genara Cortés, Antonio Canales, La Farruca, La Moneta, Karime Amaya, Gema Moneo, Juan de Juan, Pastora Galván and a long etc.

She performed at “Bienal de Málaga” with her own show called “Mujeres”. She has also participated in importants Flamenco Festivals like “Flamenco Azul France” (Marsella) along with the dancer Antonio Molina “El Choró”.

Currently she is touring with “Duquende” through differente countries and working in her new project that will soon be released.