Flamenco Christmas, Zambomba, and other Christmas traditions in Andalusia.

Due to popular demand, we have joined the Flamenco-Christmas proposal of “zambombas.” From December 20 to 23 and from December 27 to 30, we will add a Christmas touch to our regular flamenco tablao programming. The Zambomba is a type of gathering or celebration rooted in ancient flamenco traditions and Andalusian Christmas festivities, with Jerez …

House Specialty: Chicharrones

Chicharrón is a trendy tapa that is expanding throughout Spain and is known as the “special.” The etymology of chicharrón is uncertain, although many of us would like it to come from “chicha” and “ron,” it is most likely that the word “chicharrón” itself (fried pork rind) comes from the onomatopoeia “chich-” (the sound that chicharrón makes when fried).

#1 Off the Menu: Crystal Shrimp on a bed of roasted pepper salad and egg.

From El Gallo Ronco, we are launching our blog with a very special category: “Off-Menu Dishes”.

In this section, we will announce the off-menu dishes that you can enjoy at any of our restaurants. It is important to note that these dishes will only be available for a limited time, so you will have to hurry if you want to try them.

Our first off-menu dish, available starting today, is: Crystal Shrimp on a Bed of Roasted Pepper Salad and Two Eggs.

If you’re wondering where to eat Crystal Shrimp in Malaga, you’ve found the place.