Cristóbal García

NAME: Cristóbal García


Cristóbal García is a regular dancer from Malaga at tablaos, theaters and festivals, both national and international. Awarded in the National Singing and Dance Competition Aniya la Gitana de Ronda 2018 and the National Singing and Flamenco Dance Competition of Estepona.

He was born in Malaga in 1983. Cristóbal began his professional career in flamenco as a soloist dancer at different tablaos, theaters and flamenco festivals inside and outside Spain. Today he is a regular Flamenco Dancer at Flamenco Tablao El Gallo Ronco.

He has performing at the II, III, IV and V Bienal de Arte Flamenco de Málaga with different shows such as “Yo no sé la edad que tengo”, by José Losada; “Carrete”; “En familia”, by Trinidad Santiago “La Trini”; “Sabor de Málaga”, produced by the Málaga Provincial Council. He premieres and produces the show “Otros” at the Carthima Theater in Cártama (Málaga) and at the Echegaray Theater in Málaga. He stars in the role of Jeremías in the flamenco musical “Los Tarantos” performed in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Athens.

He is bailaor with a privileged sense of rhythm, partly due to his knowledge of the guitar and cante.

FESTIVALS: Flamenco Festival City of Málaga Antonio Mairena Flamenco Festival, Boyazil Festival (Turkey), Athens Festival (Greece), Newcastle Guitar Festival, Brussels, Luxembourg, Amsterdam Flamenco Festival, Flamenco Pot Casabermejas (Málaga), Flamenco Festival London, Geneva Flamenco Festival, Kazakhstan Festival (Astana), etc.

AWARDS: Winner of the First Prize in the National Flamenco Song and Dance Contest of Estepona (Málaga)